World’s first paper for organic plant propagation

Introducing the paper Ellepot Organic


True organic, high-yield cultivation is now a reality, thanks to a new all-natural paper for young plant propagation from Ellepot A/S.

Ellepot Organic is the ultimate game-changer: the world’s first certified, sustainably harvested and 100% bio-degradable product that assures best environmental practice in organic cultivation as well as outstanding production efficiency. 


Ellepot Organic is ideal for products and processes where sustainable supply must be demonstrated at every point in the supply chain. Its Soil Association Certification simplifies the documentation process, reducing the time and costs of bringing a wide range of produces to market. It is suitable for all plant propagation, field planting and especially the farming of organic vegetables.


This new certified, all-natural paper is patent-pending and gives organic producers the same performance benefits enjoyed by all growers using the Ellepot System in over 100 countries. These include improved root development, faster growth, healthier plants and higher yields. 

Users of Ellepot Organic are supported by a worldwide service that includes 24-7 availability, prompt deliveries and a range of certifications, providing growers with a unique system for propagation and plant out.

ellepot all natural


Ellepot Organic is the result of six years’ rigorous process development to ensure environmental compliance at every stage of the life cycle, including material selection, handling, testing, usage and recycling.

It is wholly manufactured out of wood fibres from Scandinavian forests that are grown according to standards set by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).







Ellepot Organic is the first input material to be certified for any use in organic production. Its approval by the UK’s Soil Association, one of the world’s leading and oldest certifiers, assures conformity to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. Besides the UK, which is the first market where the product has been certified, we are now also seeking the paper’s approval from similar certification bodies in other countries around the world. 

The paper Ellepot Organic features a strong, durable non-woven material that acts as both a soil conditioner and a container for the substrate: Uniquely, both the paper and its non-woven content comprise 100% natural products that are fully compostable and biodegradable.