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Our improvements which the Ellepot System have led to labour savings up to 40 % increased yield and lower costs of goods produced 


– Hoban Nursery in South Korea optimizes production efficiency through the Ellepot System

In South Korea grafting has been practiced for thousands of years but the commercial use of vegetable grafting is a relatively new innovation.

Vegetable production by using grafted seedlings, to avoid the serious crop loss caused by infection of soil-
borne diseases aggravated by successive cropping, is now rapidly spreading over the world and has been safely adapted for the production of organic as well as environmentally-friendly produces which are the major concern in recent years as means of minimizing uptake of undesirable agrochemical residues in fresh vegetables.
This highly praised propagation method is being used at Hoban Nursery. 



The nursery was founded by Mr. Kim Young-kyo in 1995. The company has grown to become South Koreas biggest nursery. Living in a demanding world and wanting to serve the market with the best products, Mr. Kim searched the market for opportunities to optimize his production and being more cost efficient, he found and thoroughly tested the Ellepot System. 

Convinced and satisfied with the results, an Ellepot Turbo Multiflex setup, customised, was purchased, with dibbler, water unit and tray destacker. This turned out to be a perfect match for combining the grafted plants with all the benefits the Ellepot offers - better and faster root development, faster crop turnover, faster grading and sorting, to mention a few. At Hoban Nursery they produces 18 mio. plants per year, of which the 8 mio. are grafted cucumbers propagated in Ellepot. In a near future the remaining 10 mio. tomato plants will also be grafted and start their life in an Ellepot. 

With the new machinery in place he predicts an even brighter future for Hoban.
Faster and better root development leading to faster growth and a more uniform plant. Improvements which have led to labour savings up to 40 % increased yield and lower costs of goods produced. 

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