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Prevented use of 50 million plastic pots
Knox Nursery prevented 50 million platics pots (6-7 million pounds of plastic) from being dumped into landfills by landscapers who have changed to Ellepots.

Saves money at the same time 
Knox Nursery saves money as the Ellepot paper is less expensive than plastic pots and saves time in production as plants can be transplanted earlier.

Bruce Knox, president
Knox Nursery - Florida, USA


Knox Nursery was founded in 1962 by Jim and Nada Knox who were considered two of Florida ́s bedding plant pioneers. The company has evolved into a 14- acre operation with over 700.000 square feet of greenhouse production.
The company propagates young starter plants from seed and vegetative cuttings, which are sold to wholesale and retail growers.

Knox Nursery was looking for a way to differentiate itself from its competitors selling to the landscape market. The company sought to increase the efficiency of its production methods while helping its customers also save time and money.

Knox Nursery started using Ellepots in 2004. The company is producing both young plants and nished plants in Ellepots.

We started using Ellepots on the finished side of the business first”, said company president Bruce Knox. The reason we started selling finished Ellepots was to differentiate ourselves from our compitors that were growing 4-inch annuals in plastic pots. The response by the landscapers was very good and we ran into very few objections.”

Knox Nursery annually produces 150 million young plants and 6 million 4-inch annuals. Knox said his company started to become serious about sustainability when it determined it could help its customers resolve the problem of what to do with empty plastic pots.

There were simply no environmentally friendly options for disposal, so we switched the bulk of our landscape business to production in Ellepots, Knox said.